Its a role playing game

It’s an honor to die as a hunter…but u know this game is incomplete, I cannot play all the role…I gathered iron for smithing but I got 3 afk kids, If I got hungry I need someone to cook for me, If I got attacked by a wild animal I need doctor and nurse to treat my wounds and of course what can I gather if I don’t have a bag I also need a tailor to make me bag and clothes…I think players should cooperate and play/work with coordination…anyway even I played alone I enjoyed hunting :slight_smile:


Yeah its sad but its the reality of the game, almost all of my babies just run away.

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True…Maybe they do not want to be taught…cuz it feels like we are commanding them, and we all know that no one likes to be commanded😂…even I have a place where I needed and wanted to be reborn to ,I just play the game and enjoy playing when it takes time to be reborn again…

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To be fair, having sheep provides clothing and yarn to sew. Having some seals and bunny diapers is nice.

Cooking isn’t a big deal, any advanced player can survive on wild food. Maybe people should make food storage, stone floors on middle and corners of the city and fill with food. Maybe the Devs should add easier storage options. Ohol had 10 slot boxes eventually and wall boxes. The game engine doesn’t really allow more storage.

Kinda weird how extrapolated is. Cooking is not a challenge until it is essential to keep noobs alive.

Jason tried to force jobs with tools and fences but it was a dumb solution. His idea of fun was to sit in a fenced up well and give water to people.

I think some badges would do better, like apprentice, experienced and master. Kinda like virtual villager or some sports games had. So others see your focus and skill. Not too steep do you can complete a few in a life.


You can make bunny diapers? :open_mouth:
Ohhhh!! I would love to have badges.<3 I agree!!!

Bunny skin pants, they really look like diapers



I’d rather wear reed skirts!:joy:

I don’t like them, provides barely any insulation and costs a rope, I guess it’s better than 4 X Ohol milkweed but I would rather make boxes or lasso

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I have to agree on better storage options! Wooden boxes are large and immovable objects that take a not insignificant amount of tech to create…and they only hold four things? One more that a rabbit fur backpack?? Same goes for crocks…they only hold 5 items? Should be more like 6 in a box, and 8-10 in a crock (since those are small items). IMHO.


But it doesn’t rot.:sweat_smile: Btw I only wear those when I feel lazy to sew a cloth and feed sheeps. Mostly I gave them to bbs then it’s up to them if they want to sew better clothes. Most of them afk anyway​:joy:

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Yeah, I’m a sucker for storage so I use backpack, apron, idc about other clothes. The turban can store a rock or flint too.i guess better than nothing.

Yeah turban is good, apron is good, seed pouch is also good but I dont like wearing them with my bagpack. It’s hard to get things out of my bagpack wearing those.

Haha, you can carry a rock in your turban!!?? I never knew! :laughing:

When the first time I knew it…I actually put a letter “Z” on my turban just wanting to feel it…cuz my real name starts with “Z”…:rofl::rofl::rofl: I feel like a superhero…like Imma Super Z!!!:joy:


Hahahaha!! I love it!

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you can carry a clay ball too on turban. :rofl:

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I think the round one yes. Also the rare ones for painting walls. When I go to bells I rather pick those than iron or stuff they already got.

I mean is kinda useful to have a rock while building, or a flint to chop bunnies.

One funny one I did was a note with ‘dummy’ on it.