It would be so cool if we could make jams… Maybe boil up the berries in a crock and store them in jars - more use for the jars and more options to add to bread than just butter.
We could make Gooseberry/Raspberry/Blueberry jams.
Just looking at foods us with more advanced towns could make :slight_smile:


Maybe Mango could be a jam too. It’s not upfront in the stores, but it is there :yum:

I like the idea of using the crock to cook the jam. And filling it into jars will make it easy to use. Put a knife in the jar and get jam out like we do with butter.

Most of the things are already in game, so i guess it would be easy to add :heart_eyes:

And there are a lot of pastries using jam. So this could also be explored after that :wink:


Spread it on the breaddd

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