Japan Servers

I know others have talked over this but I wanted to just say…

The Japanese servers are so nice! People are so nice and considerate there ! It might have something to do with their culture which I am very interested in which is why I’ve started learning Japanese, but they are very nice even if I can only understand things like I Am sorry.

I told them I spoke English and they still seemed to be considerate and try to help me out as a little bb :heart:


I can’t see no Japan servers on my game

You can if you switch your language from English to Japanese ^-^

Yes they are a loooooooot nicer. They don’t believe in Kyom yet so… :confused:

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Most likely because they cant speak or read english, but one day that can be fixed. With a translator since google translate improvises sometimes on words it thinks dont belong.

Yeah, I remember during one of the events there was a basket full of knives next to the family spawn so I placed the knives on the ground and took a screenshot saying something like “top 10 photos taken before a disaster.” And they just put all the knives in the basket and that’s it! Lol,such nice people.