Jerkies and new game mechanic ideas

So i think it would be good to add jerkies to the game. Just take meat and cook it with salt somehow. Or maybe a smoking rack with salt to make jerkies.

We could have mutton, Pig, beef if beef is added.

Pemican would be nice to to make with berries and vegtables.

The reason why i thought of these is because i was wondering what the game would be like if foods rotted or despawned.

What do yall think?

  • Would love jerkies but no roting
  • Add jerkies but non preserved food types rot.
  • Add rotting but no jerkies.
  • Add rotting but jerkies rot too after a longer time.

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Next how many hours would you like foods to last before turning rotten? 1-10 hrs

  • 1
  • 5
  • 10

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And how many for jerkies/preserved?

  • 5
  • 5-10
  • 10-20
  • Never

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If foods do become rotten should they be able to be added to wheat to make compost?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but use more then one rotten food to make it.

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Thanks for awnswering. Maybe your answers can influence the game.

I think rot would work as 4 objects. Rot, rot on plate, rot in bowel, and Big rot.
Use hand on the rot on plate and bowel to get rot.
Combine two or so rots to get big rot then use that on wheat.

The proble would be foods like berries pies and so on.
So maybe we could have big rot on plate and bowels and small rot.
For example 1-3 berries in a bowel would turn into small rot 3-6 would turn into rot.
Full bowel of soup turns into bowel of big rot.
Half full turns into bowel of rot.

2 small rots or so combign into rot and two rots combine into big rot.

So itd end up being about 9 difreant rot types added to make it balanced.

Where could you find salt?

You get salt by getting salt water from a ice hole then using a bowel of slatwater on embers to get salt.
Salt can be droped on the ground and stored inside the new crock with lids.

The only use for salt right now is sourkrout and one other recipe i cant remember right now.

Also you can get salt water using a bucket on an ice hole.

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Oh yeah, I completely forgot!

Seems like it would be a little unnecessary and a hassle

Oh i forgot to put a link to the guild lmao.