Joining servers / Languages

From what I know, if you set your main language to Japanase, and set your extra language to None, you spawn as an Eve. I have tried with other languages and it gives the same result. Do each languages run on different servers, even if you choose ip-normal-1? Like a spanish ip-normal-1 server? Oh and why is there like 50 people sometimes but I end up as an Eve (I play on English)

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Your main and extra language will be both used to try to find a parent whose family language is one of the two. The family language is decided by the main language of the Eve started this family. Besides this rule, other spawning logic applies, like birth cool down etc.

On a server like jp-normal-1 I guess a lot of players are from Japan. So if you set your main language to be English (so that menu is in English) and set extra language to be Japanese, you should get a good chance to be spawn to a japanese family.

Oh ok. Tysm