Jp beginner 2 server situation / jp-beginner-2サーバーについて

We have some bad news to share about the jp beginner 2 server. As you may have noticed, it disappeared last week and hasn’t come back yet. This is not for lack of trying on our part.
Our hypothesis is that the server was accidentally affected by work we were doing on some other servers. This is just a theory however. The problem is that the primary map data seems to be gone from the server and despite our efforts we have not been able to retrieve it. We are now searching for an older snapshot of the data, to restore the server from.
Even though the game is intended to be played by starting over from the beginning over and over, we know that many players “save” their favourite towns for many months. So we will keep trying to find that data and will not restart jp beginner 2 without it. Please be patient while our effort continues. We will let you know when we have more information to share.
Our apologies for the situation. We are sorry that we don’t have better news to share at this time.

The YaH team






You are Hope チームより

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Another update regarding the jp beginner 2 server:

Unfortunately we have not been able to salvage any of the data from the server, neither the latest state nor any older data. It is clear that nothing will come from us keeping investigating anymore, and that we need to give up trying to restore the server’s world map at this point. We of course understand that this is sad news for those players who spend a lot of time building on the same town, and we are very sorry about this.

Though we think that it was human error that caused the server problem, there is also a possibility that the physical machine contributed to the result, so we will not be using that server anymore.
We could add a new jp beginner server instead, but judging from the current number of players active on the jp beginner servers, this doesn’t seem like a good idea at the time. It would only dilute the number of players on each server.

Again, sorry about the situation. We hope that you will experience many more enjoyable lives in the game together with the players on the other servers.

/ The YaH team






You are Hope チームより


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