Just discovered something

There’s servers for the us, yet none for Canada… And why does Everytime I get born to an eve is the eve speaking a foreign language even though I pick English and French?
Plz explain what’s going on,oh and when I spawn as eve and get a place started, I die of old age and never spawn back to it as an eve… Is that the server or something, I’m not annoyed just curious

There has been a bug messing with Eve respawns. Also you need to have a home marker placed for it to work. It also only works when there’s no more else on the server for you to be born to.

here is how the spawns are supposed to work: https://forum.onehouronelife.app/t/tips-eve-spawns/3134/3


A Canadian server would be nice.

Yeah, I personally would like to see that server. As I’m Canadian, and will italain or German servers appear in the future?