Keep this in mind when playing the beta

There will be much fewer players on the beta server than you are used to, as the mobile game world is separate from the desktop version. This means that you are more likely to find yourself as an Eve rather than in a family. As more people join the beta testing there will be more and more children. If you want to coordinate your playtime so you know that there will be other players active at the same time, feel free to use the forum to do so.

Please be nice to any other players you see in the game. Don’t abandon babies or suicide as babies - you may not easily find a family again, and families are one of the most meaningful things with this game.

We have relaxed the hunger a little bit, so you have time to figure out the new controls and how the hint system works (it’s the book icon :open_book:, use it often). Also please talk to each other when you get the chance, using the keyboard button :keyboard:. When you see the :keyboard: button jump, the game wants you to type in something special. You will see what in the preview field, before you start typing.

When you experience something which seems buggy or bad, please report it to us, so we can fix it before the release!

Hope you have a great time with the game, and that we’ll meet in there some time!

// The OHOLm team


I have the first bug to report. I tried to log in but it keeps failing immediately. The message on screen is as follows, “Fail to get born. Reason: Connection timed out”

Hope this info helps.

Thanks for the first bug report :wink:

A few questions to help us sort this out:

  1. What device are you on?
  2. Wifi or cellular network connection?
  3. Which country are you connecting from?

Please also try killing the app and restarting it. Thanks!

Iphone 7 (latest ios)
I am on wifi
Restarted the app several times.
Restarted the device several times.
Reset the router.
United States
All attempts the same

Cellular connection works just fine, but I have a data cap.

Thanks for the additional details.
Sounds very strange, since we picked a Linode in the US to run the server (like Jason has).
We are making a change so the app will attempt to connect more times before reporting failure. Maybe that will help your situation. The app will need to be updated though, which means that Apple has to approve again, so it could take a day or two. Will reply again once it’s live.

There is an update to the iOS version, 0.9.8 available now. Start TestFlight to install it.
We hope that it helps with your wifi problem, but we can’t guarantee it.

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