Killed by Grief

I’ve been playing since beta, and this is a new one for me. I was ignoring my baby because I did not have resources to raise them, and IRL conditions (:poop:). When suddenly I was killed by grief?!
I am in no way a griefer, so what is this about?
You can’t be mandated to let your kids live when you can’t even make a fire, or have food enough for yourself!
Can someone please explain?

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you just suffered because of loosing your baby, like IRL when you loose a baby.

there are two new server for solo player, where you don’t have to raise kids. and also there is a new home marker you can use to spawn at your place all over again.

so if you don’t want to raise kids, i recommend a no kids server.


Its not saying you were a griefer. Killed by grief means that you died from motherly grief.
When your baby dies before three you lose food ticks and have to eat to refill them.

With each child you lose the grief takes more out of the mother and if you starve to death from the lost children then thats when you recieve the Died by Grief death.

Babys who die before three get a increase to how long it takes to be reborn that increases each time they do it.

The no children servers serve as a place for players that dont have much time irl to play and for players who play solo.