Killing In U.S Servers

I think there should be killing added in Us Servers. I personally think it would make the game much better plus it could make the game funnier by having stuff like rebellions and wars.

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There’s actually killing. Us beginner didn’t allowed killing. But in other server that doesn’t labeled “beginner” it allowed killing.

Yeah but nobody plays that server, basically. Maybe there should be some opposite equivalent to the lily tower thing. That it allows player killing within that town.

Gotta say attacking/killing other players does not sound fun to me.


Yeah, it would make it mad easy for griefers to destroy a whole bloodline, no matter how many people are there.

But there is some weird thing that you can do with a bloody knife once you kill a player with it … Obviously I’ve never had the opportunity to really figure it out.

They could make it to like like u have to be be 16 or somethong to kill and also it would be fun to be a executer and kill bad people.

Oop, that’s a good idea. Maybe there could be an executer apron, lol. Like dye it black xD

That’s exactly how it work in normal server.

But people dont play the normal one thats the thing

Becouse they don’t want to be slathered, if they misplaced an item… Or made a mistake, they don’t know how to fix…

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Just trying to see from beginners eyes lol

Yep. NOT being able to be killed is one of the benefits of the beginner servers, along with slower hunger. Clearly most people would prefer to play that way…the fact that there are so many more players in Beginner servers than in the regular proves it.


I would play killing servers if other people were on there. But nobody plays them.


that basicly sounds like a griefers dream if it was on beginer servers

So true

Honestly I do play the us-1 if there’s more then 2 ppl. I got stabbed once :confused: all I asked was to have some more plates to put cooked pies on when I was making 3 stacks of mutton pies.

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