Knife hoarding

You probably know what I am talking about.
People who have backpacks and just store knives in them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is an exception when you are a baker, shepard, etc: Jobs that require knives.
There is also an exception when there maybe a rabid murderer on the loose, stabbing people. Then it would be a good idea to keep knives and arrows stored in the safety of your backpack.

But then, there are the people who dont use the knife, but keep them in their backpack.

You maybe thinking. “Oh, maybe they want to make sure no one is murdered!” Well, if that is the reason you hide a knife in your pack, it wont work. You see, knives are used not only in the act of stabbing someone to death. They are used in baking, butchering livestock, removing slithering creatures, and medical treatment. When I am slicing some yummy bread, and the knife (or knives) is being hoarded by someone with a pack, I ask them for it, and they give me it. They assume I need it for a useful purpose. But, at that very moment, I could have stabbed them. Also, a murderer could just make a new one. They aren’t hard to make.

I’m sure some of you maybe guilty of this, if so, I am genuinely curious as to why people do this??? please tell me!


I put one in my bag cause I made it. You want one for your job? Go make one, put one in your bag so it doesn’t get stolen.

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Yes. We put knife on our backpack and give it to more trust worthy player when we are about to die. No other reason except they don’t want a griever to grieving.

Now, I’m playing in Singapore server where there’s a lot of Korean. Something about Korean is that they may abandoned us when we are baby but most of them are true player who didn’t want to grief so we’ll see a knife just laying around on the ground. I could easily pick it up and kill someone if i want to. But so far it rarely happens. Anyway, we intend to hide it behind a tree just for saving because we rarely have backpack of our own.

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I always have a knife on me. But thats mostly because i act as a handyman of sorts. If i see a job thats lagging behind ill jump on it and help out for a few minutes and move on. It could be anything from culling extra sheep, cooking, killing griefers, and hunting rabbits. Yes for the hunting rabbits i could just use a flint chip but since there are usually 5 or more knives in the village i just take one. And other than that i could easily just make me one or 10 if i really wanted to so i feel intiteled to have one lol. Also i like to keep one on me for my last few years incase i decide i want to make papers and make messages or a timing belt for an engine.

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Work for a knife.