Knife sharpness over time

Wouldn’t it be funny if the knife dulled over time, and you had to use the steel file to sharpen it? I feel like once u create knives and saws it just becomes kind of useless but that would be a cool idea, also would prevent some griefing too


Its actually not that bad of an idea. One of the old common griefing tactics was to hide a knife far away from camps then use it multiple lives to grief. The only problem would be that griefers could just scrap the files then hide them.

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the files get a bit useless after having knifes and saws. ive got so many files from santa and now i have 8. i cant do that much with them. wish i could melt them and use the iron again.

@Vadalia i like the idea of more uses for files.


I think you can just put the file in a bowel and it treats it like its scrap metal. Then you can add coal to it. Might be wrong though haven’t had to do smithing in a while lmao

@Mandrake cant put files in a bowl tho. do i have to put coal first?

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You can’t put steel files in the bowl if they already have been chiseled. That only works on blanks.

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Just checked using the tools server. Doesnt seem you can do it anymore. I guess it got patched out at somepoint probably because griefers scraped them when we needed them the most. But i do remember doing it on yah in my early days when i was griefing when i got bored. My guess is it got patched out when tool smithing was reworked and since i dont remember it being talked about much i guess it was a unintentional recipe.

Yah you cant. I do remember being able to though at one point so i think it was unintentional

i had also in mind you can scrap the file. maybe mandela effect and it was always only blanks.

Nah i distinctly remember scrapping finished files for a while. Especially when i was smithing in early camps and didnt need the file anymore i would scrap it to make a more useful tool like a pickaxe or a hoe if we already had a pickaxe.

I think it was a minor tweak inbetween patches at some point that just wasnt mentioned. Or i could have just dreamed doing it for so many lives. At one point i spent so much time in the game id have a dream about almost every night lmao


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