I would like to make something perfectly clear. If you come up to me while I am at the forge and ask me to make a knife. One of 2 things are going to happen ether I straight up tell you no, as I do not make knives until all other tools are done. Or I make the knife, but you will never hold it. You will ask me to do something with it and then lead me to the job. After the job is done the knife goes right back in my backpack. Asking me for a knife is proof enough that you can’t be trusted with one. The only people I will ever trust with a knife is those who can make one for themselves. Just know that if the first complete sentence I here from you is “can-you-mak-e-kni-fe” you will be watched like a hawk.

The reason for this informative rant is because of the life I just lived. I was born to an eve making a basket. After that she abandoned the reeds and picked me up. We started exploring to the south and immediately found a large village. Not quite a full set of tools yet but a good start. When I grew up I started setting up the forge as it was a mess. After I set up the fire a child comes up and specifically asks for “2” knives. I found it strange that she wanted 2 of anything when we were still missing so much. I told her “no” and “more important stuff first”. I went back to work making charcoal. I get my first red ingot on the stone and my hammer was gone. I asked around and someone told me that a child ran off with it. So I reheated the ingot and made a new hammer that I hid behind a tree. When I finished the saw blade that was requested I couldn’t find the person who wanted it, so I finished the saw myself and put wheels on 2 carts. I went back to the forge and found that all the important stuff was gone and there were rabbit bones everywhere. I ended up starving because I couldn’t set anything down.

Moral of the story: if you ask for a knife out of the blue with no obvious reason other than “boots” or if I see you dropping bones everywhere. I Will Kill You On Site.


I agree.

Edit: we should have guards guarding the smithing area that smiths while controlling the village.

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Every village need a king / guard


Yeah, you honestly don’t need a knife unless it’s for a sheep pen. Even then if someone is running around with a knife in hand around the village for a while I will usually shoot them with an arrow. That type of scare can slow down everyones progress and spook them. Please transport knives in baskets. If your running around with one (unless at a sheeps pen) expect to be shot.

I mean wouldn’t shooting someone do the same thing

Saying nothing after shooting someone will do it,but like enough people get that you shouldn’t run right next to people with a knife that if you explain yourself it’ll be fine. You might have to repeat yourself a few times though lol.

A couple weeks ago I would have agreed with you. But with now if bread and butter is available. Using a knife for that purpose in that area is acceptable. Also if only one knife is available transporting it from the sheep pen to the cooking area is acceptable. Before killing someone with a knife. Watch them for a minute to see if they are using it for a purpose that benefits all. If you keep moving they can’t stab you.

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