Korea Server Initialization

I want to initialize the server.
Hi. I am a Korean user using Google Translator.
Buffering is very serious when accessing games these days.
Due to the high buffering, existing Korean users have started a different game.
Due to buffering, the fun of the game is cut in half.
Game sources overlap and buffering occurs
In exchange for a clean gaming environment, your favorite places can evaporate.
It’s okay though
Malicious buffering And hope, cooperation, and feelings for the village have changed.

In the past, we created a great and big city with premium servers.
How are you now?
It’s easy to create a nice and big city in a week on a regular server.

I know it’s hard to have the same sense of the past, and the game is hard to be like the past.
But is it possible to solve the buffering problem through server initialization?
I keep thinking
We can’t solve the serious buffering problem, so we hope that the player who started another game will come back.
Ask people with perfumes you haven’t connected to lately and they all say the same reason.
Developers, what do you think about initializing a Korean server?
I hope there are more than 20 people on my Korean server.

And I want to differentiate between premium servers and regular servers. Today’s regular servers are similar to premiums.

Thanks for reading.

(It is the only game that has been playing for a long time and is affectionate.
Hope it goes well.)

With “initialize the server”, do you mean deleting everything and starting from the beginning?

Also, could you further explain “High buffering”?

Thanks for helping us make the game better, by reporting problems!

We want Apocalypse.

The map initialization added by the developer is done just fine.

However, some objects remain uninitialized.

Objects overlap The more people, the worse the buffering.

When developers play games

Resource load factor Check it out There is a need.

One hour one life is With regard to resource loading Apocalypse remains in the user’s hands to control server overload.

Server overload related to the resource was not found The current server needs stabilization.

Thank you for communication.

Scene from buffering immediately after connection

Wi-Fi, disconnected despite unlimited data.

Buffering during riding and collection