Korean players know the truth, Beckett

Eighteen people know what 샤넬’s usual behavior is. Besides 18 people, many people know that she is polite and nice.

Judging from the chronicle of 샤넬, she gave Beckett the crown and felt positive about living with him.

Beckett, however, threw dozens of snowballs, which are generally perceived as gripper behavior, on Korean servers. Beckett was not sorry for this.

It was natural to kick Beckett out after dozens of repeated Griffer actions. It would be the same for anyone to be angry with Gryffer. 샤넬 was so angry that she cursed words. But keep in mind. 샤넬 gave Beckett the crown before swearing. This act was 샤넬’s love for Beckett.
Beckett, however, did not mention his griffer behavior in Korean on the photo.

If 샤넬 should be punished, then Gryffer should be punished.

We saw it. The act of a real griffer turning someone else into a griffer. The real griffer is reporting someone else. If there was a sure way to prevent Gripper’s bad behavior, 샤넬 wouldn’t have used abusive language.


Do you mean griffer, not gripper?

Get those people to post in this thread if you want to prove a point. The more people that agree with you, the better your point becomes (in general).

Anyways I think 샤넬 is a nice person. I played on the Korean server and she wasn’t causing any trouble.

Thank you.
I wrote. :slight_smile:



My point is that Beckett is a griffer, and if there were a safer way from Griffer Beckett, 샤넬 would not have used abusive language.

Your comments are right. From now on, I’ll let people know. Thank you for your advice.