Korean server needs improvement

It’s hard to play
Ping! Ping!

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What location are you playing from?
What is your ping/latency?
If you switch WiFi network, do you notice any difference?


More information would be nice.

I play in korea, of course.
When using Wi-Fi , it is worse than not.
Everyone agrees.
But they can not speak here because of language barriers.

Latency in server list
It shows Under 70 but We all know it isnt in game
We dont know why but it is true

Singapore server shows under 100
USA under 140
And really it is
It feels like about 100 or 140 latency really but
We feel like korea sever is not in korea
I feel like it is about 300 or 400 latency
Its same with europe servers

We touch button to eat berries
And eat berries after one or two seconds
When we Put down or take something
Then always late for seconds

  • Edit this No not always
    Actually it feels faster than before
    But still it happens often -

It doesnt in singapore or usa server
So we feel faster in singapore or usa server

Thanks for this more detailed description of the problem. It will make it easier to find the cause!