Ladders allow you to climb over walls

Being able to put ladders on walls can help give ladders more uses and also help when someone puts locks on doors. Personally I don’t see much reason why locks are beneficial especially for rooms, so I would rather just have a way to get around that.


hihihi i like this a lot :star_struck: i never was a fan of locks and keys anyway

Y’all are joking right… locks are created for privacy. You really said let’s create ladders because I want to touch peoples stuff lmao


Ladders with dog house, which keep dogs alive and hide them inside can be fun. You build dog house inside your compound, from which a dog runs out and attack the person who enters the compound except through proper gate kind of set up.


I get you, but I’ve never seen a lock being used responsibly by someone who was not a griefer or a hoarder. The concept of property is pretty loose in this game because we live and die in different places, and there is no reassurance that another player that has locked something and hid the key will ever just not log back on to the same town ever again. Furthermore, rooms in towns are usually supposed to be usable for everyone, excluding “residences” which people have built on their own for themselves, and even these can be abused to hoard items or trap people inside. Also, in my own town, I have had to make an extra door just to put a lock on it so I could get a key to unlock an actual important locked door, so it’s a huge pain to unlock if you don’t have the original key. Thus, I am on the fence about locking boxes, but locking doors from my experience does way more harm than it does good.


yeah there are way too many abandoned houses because of keys went missing or players not comming back.

thats just unusable space in town with no purpose at all. just a blocking area you have to avoid.

on eu-2 we had a big city with no keys and it worked perfectly fine. people enjoyed it. on the other hand on en-nokids there are keys used and there are closed buildings and therefor it has a lot of abandoned houses.

im locking some buildings where i store irons or jars of lapis because grieffers kept stealing those stuffs.
also, i made walls aroud my buildings and locked them so that grieffers can’t steal something from my town.
some ppl like to play in random town and some ppl like to play in their own town(especially on server which doesn’t have many players).
if there’s a ledder to climb walls, grieffers will ruined my town where i spent sooooo many time and efforts to build😞


I regard that as KEY GRIEFING
I think anyone sets locks on the stuff without village owner’s(‘FIRST’ respawn EVE)permission is griefing
Vote that ID to go donkey town

BTW I STRONGLY DISAGREE with ur idea cuz ur idea can bring chaos between innocent players and griefers.

If keys become useless there’s no way to protect ourselves from griefers. Some griefers r even abusing vote systems by using different accounts, glitch etc.

I’ve been playing this game more than a year and I really adore this game
However if YAH accepts this idea I can’t withstand anymore. I’m sick of coping with griefing issues in my town

오엠지 이게 믄 디오쥐가튼 아이디어야 디지고십나버 :<
나는 그만두다. 나는 마을을 저장하지 못한다. :’(


There’s also ways to take off locks already, there’s literally a crafting book to show you how in game I feel like no one pays attention to it

You can still store stuff in boxes albeit much less because there’s no stacking, but locking buildings is my biggest qualm. Might I suggest locks and keys decay after a while only when the lock is on the door and the key is not in a lock. That way, if you want to “renew” your lock after a long time, you just make another one and if you don’t come back, it’ll just go away on its own.

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yeah they should get rusty, if not used for 1’000’000 years (about 2 weeks).

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Everything in the game including looked doors already disappears automatically as time goes on…
and if locked doors are really bothering u, u can just make new keys for them because there’re only 10? different keys in the game.
(it may take you time but it’s possible)
(correct me if i’m wrong)

also, as u said, there’re locked boxes but it’s sooooo difficult to store all the iron and stuffs in boxes lol
plus, some ppl just ride a car that I made and don’t come back again and again😂
you know we can’t put a car in a box…

on the nokids server player spawn in the 4 same spots all the time. so blocking stuff wont disappear anyway and doors wont despawn that fast due to player walking bye often. but yeah maybe i should use some key removal then.

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Just make sure to only use it on abandoned stuff don’t go opening things that don’t belong to you

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