Laging so bad you cant feed yourself

Ok i had 5 bars left i went to get a carrot and tried to feed myself the whole time i was swiping to feed it didnt move i also happens when i fill water in puches. Sadly i died because i couldnt eat the carrot in my hand.

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What was the ping value? That was only intermittent, right?

It happened to me too, i resetted my wifi and it worked well afterwards…

Be sure it wasn’t on your side first because i almost posted a thread just like this XD

There never been a ping for servers on my phone always been — ping. I have the stylo 4

I paly the us server.

OK. May I ask which country are you in? And do you know if your generation network condition is good or bad? The ping value does not show up could be either the pings are too bad so they take long to be visible or because of your Android phone does not support it properly.

I live in califonia san diego. It was working few days ago i reven restarted phone and re download game. It seems to be working ok when i go to the beta server.

May be off topic but couldn’t find the topic I was explaining this.

For past week or 10 days I have found stability so much better. Previously any message on my phone or hitting the home key would insta kill me with a connection issue - mainly while on wifi at home.

Now things are much much better. Only time it happened to me recently is when I was standing in front of the microwave heating up food while I was playing :slight_smile:

Good to hear that! Did you reboot your phone?

Wasn’t anything on my end.

I was thinking something was done on the server end to fix it.

Yes it working now i even checked us server to make sure. Thank u for looking into it. Btw if you can please for next update add curse to allow people to curse griefers and murderers. I be so grateful.

The curse system evolves some more to be done than just integrating Jason’s work. We certainly want to have it in our version as well but not in the next update. Just keep your patience a bit. It is high on the to-do list.

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