Would it be possible to make ground tiles removable?

Like for example in a swamp biome we could build log barriers on a tyle use a empty crock to get murky water which we could boil and get a few baskets of fertile soil from. After getting the water from the swamp tile it becomes a rough dirt patch or muddy patch that we could fill with grass seeds we harvest somehow from the green or yellow bioms to make savanna green land or we could use shovels to get the dirt out and make rock biome tiles.

I think it would be for the better if we couldnt change snow or dessert bioms due to the temperature changes but we could do things like using a buckect of water on the desert tyles then adding grass seeds or digging out the soil. With the snow we could burn a few logs on it to thaw it then use a bucket of water then seeds or dig.

And if thats all to complicated maybe we could do it Dont Starve style and make a pitchfork or something that allows us to roll up tyles to place somewhere else on rock biom tiles.

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interesting idea. but i dont quite understand what you would achieve by it. is it like a cosmetic thing? just for the looks?

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Yah purely cosmetic. Although if you were able to remove desert or snow bioms it could have the function of expanding livable area in towns or making getting oil and sulfur less of a danger.

But we could do things like making zoos with “natural” bioms for the animals.

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I feel like this ruins the point of the game tho, the main part of surviving is finding a suitable area with a good water source, useful biomes and plenty soil deposits. If your allowed to essentially just make whatever biome you want it becomes redundant you know

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Not necessarly both recipies i sugested require you to at least reach iron tools. And i didnt sugest making anything like the goose ponds its simple aesthetic changes which is kinda under the same catagory as painting walls or building brick floors instead of flatstone floors.

I personally feel it would only inhance the game not hamper it. If we are able to change biome tiles around.

You can already make soil using sheep and stuff and i was talking about the mud you dig up when diging graves anyways not fertile soil. So really the only non aesthetic things youd be able to do is get mud to make bricks and maybe change tempratures by removing snow and dessert which dont even matter once the towns big enough.