Language support in OHOL for mobile

From version 0.9.10 we support multiple languages in OHOL for Mobile. So far supported languages are:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Russian
  7. Chinese
  8. Japanese
  9. Korean

You can specify a main language and one extra language (optional) in the settings menu outside of the game. The first language you specified is also used as your menu language in the game.

Q: What’s the use for an extra language and how does this system work?

A: When you get born on a server, besides the normal logic, we also use your main and extra language to select your mother. You will only be born to a family whose language matches either your main or extra language. If no such family could be found, you will start as Eve. When you start as Eve, your main language becomes your family’s language which will be inherited over generations. So if you can understand a second language you broaden your choices to join an existing family.

Note to beta players: Please make sure you select English at least as your extra language because otherwise it becomes more difficult to form families due to small number of players.

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I ike this very much
This means french players could encounter englosh players and wage wars for the stew or other resources


Yes, if by “other resources” you mean stew ingredients? Surely nothing else would be worth starting wars over? :wink:

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I was literally talking about this

Or soil. Which makes more stew.

Or rabbits! Which gives backpack… to carry more clay… to make more stew…

Or water! Which makes stew plants grow…

Or land! Which allows you to grow stuff for the stew…

This game revolves around stew. Not my fault :heart:

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You just reminded me of a funny joke told by Bill Murray in the movie “What about Bob?”

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Hello my name is devin and i have 2 questions my first question is will there be custom skins or skins you can pick of my 2nd question im a in game builder type and how easy will it be to build building also one more question could there be advanced building like upgrade to hay all the way up to electric and working toilets and can you have it where humans and animals have to drink water to survive and abd can you add poop in the game and illness and i would love to help in building the beta from your fan devin smith
Thank you

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You have to play ark. Not this game lol

Lol I like your suggestions but I don’t know, they have to stick close to PC version. Otherwise it’s not one hour one life, but I wish to have the skin thing and pooping option XD it would be funny

Will the setting of the language influence the second spawn?

What i want to know:
When i set new settings and respawn as a eve, will the settings of the first spawn be in action or the settings of the second spawn?

Something like this:
First spawn on eu-server with korea and chinese language i will be most likely to play with no people or just a few.
Second spawn on eu-server with english and german language i will play with more people.

Im looking for a loophole here :wink:

The language settings used to affect who other players may born to you or be your mom. But this functionality is suspended now. So it does not affect your spawning in any way (for now).

Ahhh, okay.