Leading Bears away. And blocking bear caves

So ive noticed a lot of new and moderately experianced players have almost no idea how to handel bear attacks and griefers feed off that inexperiance by hiding bows or stealling all the arrows.

Bear attacks

  1. So heres the first thing you should know. Stand on items. No animals including mosquitos can get you while on items. So if theres something on a tile like berry bushes, hats, branches, fire wood, poop , etc stand on it.

  2. if your a young girl or a fertile girl ignore the bear. Dont try to save the town infact run to a safer area to rase more children to come back to town later. More often than not ive seen towns die because all the girls try to distract the bears.

  3. If your a boy or a old person lead it away. The bear moves five tiles in a straight line. So use trees and items to your advantage. If you get biten just keep going dont try to come back to get healed because your slower movement speed will bring the bear back. You can always get reborn

  4. If your shooting it stand on a item with open tiles on each side of you. The bear will go across you to stand beside you. Shoot it then wait for it to move put the bow down reload the arrow wait for the bear to move. Then shoot it again. Once more and its dead.

  5. Always remove arrows before skinning if you dont the arrows can disapear.

Now this is the best tip for a long lasting town. Build a stone wall infront of all nearby bear caves. They cant get out of the cave then and will retun inside. The stone walls will eventually turn ancient walls insuring that no one will ever release a bear from that cave again since ancient walls can not be removed currently. Or to save stone use newcoman tower foundations for twice the stone efficiency. Not belltowers since they can be removed.


Nice tips!

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