Let’s create flag with bricks

Here is a flag I created with bricks. One thing that i notice is we need to remove fat from milk . Anyone have any idea how to dispose the butter fast ? Cause I feel like some items just unnecessary use the bowl and cause many problems as bowls are occupied with them . No bowl sad life .


Why does it look like it’s floating? You should build a flag pole to go along with the flag.

Why do you speak so much and have nothing to say…:expressionless:


You don’t have to remove fat. You can also make milk paint from Full Bucket of Milk.
After milk a cow, You should scoop bowls of milk quickly.( to prevent them to be separate )
After making Slaked Lime, pour milk into Partial Bucket of Milk and pour Slaked Lime into Full Bucket of Milk.


Thanks . I will try it next time . I made them in batches . Guess a lot of bowl is needed.

A trick is to leave one bowel of milk in buckets you use for drinking. That way you can take a bowel from a new bucket and store it in the almost empty bucket to keep it from creaming. Less bowels needed but a few extra buckets would be required.

Or if you dont drink milk you can just take a bowel of milk from each bucket and leave them alone till you need them.

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Thanks very much . Does that mean as long as we take 1 bowl from the cow milk , it won’t become creamy ?

Yes but you have to put the bowel back in to use it for paint.

Taking a bowel out is great to if you want a cheap food source and dont want to deal with extra cream.

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