Let’s game

Do someone want to make a private server with me?


Sure, I’de love to. Im still learning a few, so sorry if my practice is not the best of the best, heh.

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Yeah same, but it’s more fun to have someone to practice with and learn from

I would love to play with someone in private server, cuz tired of greifers. If you’re an owner- I would love to join you too. My discord is keymeryn#1947
Speaking of skills- I think I know all, exept for radio stuff, but I would love to practice that with someone

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Do you all communicate voice to voice via discord while playing?..I would love to join but…my english is bad…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That would be fun. Btw, what’s your main language? Just out of curiosity

Tagalog.:sweat_smile: I live in south korea and also speak korean because of that my english speaking skills got bad…

Hah, i dont have discord! So i just got the forum to communicate better

You have a good English, my congratulations. I’m ukrainian, English also isn’t my main language

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I would recommend you to have one, cuz YAH has a discord channel and there are over 700 ppl ( most of them inactive unfortunately)

Yes I’d also love to join.

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here is the link to the official discord channel: https://discord.gg/6Fa6PSqMKh
you can join if you want to chat. there are also voice channels, but they don’t get used often.

That’s so cool u guys wanna join. I kinda forgot about this cus I got no answers lol, but I still made a server. Haven’t done much tho, just farmed a bit and been chopping tree’s like crazy :sweat_smile: Here is the link:

Hope to see you soon :smile:

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