Lets add a Latin American or a Spanish Server

I’m a Puertorriquan but i still understand English. Since im spanish, i had an idea if we could add a Spanish Server for spanish speakers who play this game and enjoy talking to others who speak the same language. Also i feel like we could add a Brazilian Server for brazilians, if you want to.

The lack of players will make it even harder to play, after more server get created.

I speak Spanish too. Im always at the US server. Some times i found people that says “Hola” and them I answer back to them so they know that they are not alone. Also, most of the time we don’t talk while playing, because every minute counts.


Every. Single. Minute.


They need a lot of Spanish players to makes another server. Right now they are thinking about adding korean servers but still counting how many korea are there.

Agree. But sometimes it’s fun to makes friends and share something common about our pass lifespawn. It makes easier too to trust someone. I think Korean people know each other since they talk a lot when playing.

The japoneses talk allot too, because they can say allot of things with only one letter; we can’t.

Usually when you only need to ask for things is when you are a baby. The restrictions make its super hard. I dont know how long Jason kids took to speak, but mine was a radio at 8 month. At two years he could speak like and teenager. You could have a full conversation with him… In this game you are 14, had kids and still only saying like 10 characters…

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Ya , I agree with you . It is easier to talk in Japanese than English. For example ま, short for ままmeans mum. 斧 is axe . ツルハシ is pixel and so on . The only difference is letter and words . 斧 is a word , axe is a word with 3 letters . Think about this, responsibility is 13 letters , 責任 is 2 letters . Hmm…

Yeap. That is the problem. The lack of communication.

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