Lifespan mechanics/ handicaps please read put in a lot of effort

Lifespan mechanics / handicaps please read I put a lot of thought into this

In you are hope there are tonnes of crafting recipes so far I think we need to focus more on ageing mechanics and consequences for players said life
Say a simple chance mechanism of what age you will die at along with the chance differing due to lifestyle these may be put into 3 categories bad lifestyle where you are always hungry very lazy / inactive or have been injured or handicapped several times

Moderate lifestyle one handicap at the most well fed mostly and at most 2 to 3 injuries

Good lifestyle no injuries no handicaps never starved beyond the age of 5 and is at least moderately active

Bad lifestyle
Death rate
Anything below 40 is 0 percent 40=20percent 41=30 percent 42=50 percent 43=55percent 44/45/46/47/48/49/50 are all 60 percent each 51 is 80 percent 52 is 90 percent and 55 is 100 percent

Moderate lifestyle anything below 50 is 0 percent 50/51/52/53/54/55 are all 10 percent 56/57/58/59/60 are all 20 percent 60-65 are 50 percent each and 65-70 are 90 percent anything above 70 is 100 percent

Good lifestyle anything below 70 is 0 percent 70-80 is 5 percent death chance per year 80-85 is 10 percent death chance each year 85-90 is 25 percent death chance 90/100 is 50 percent death chance 100 to 110 is 70 percent death chance and anything over 110 is 90 percent death chance increases by 1 percent each year

Handicaps these can be applied randomly at birth or due to ageing or injuries here are all the suggested handicaps along with reasons for cause and their chance at birth effects ect

Blindness chance at birth 5 percent effect players won’t be able to see around them / black screen they will only be able to see voice / chat bubbles players who are blind will have grey eyes with no pupils blindness can come as a cause of ageing percentages will start at 50 with 5 percent and go up by one percent each year note if you are not born with blindness it does not count as a handicap

Crippling this is not a handicap but something that happens when players reach age 60 at age 60/70 players will have stage one crippling meaning they will walk 40 percent slower and cannot run they will also need a walking stick walking sticks can be made by a tied long shaft and a short shaft it can be equipped by swiping on self like clothing can if player does not have a walking stick equipped they will not be able to move at all when player hits 70-80 they will experience stage 2 crippling where the player walks 60 percent slower and cannot pick up bigger and heavier items like rocks / build walls / hold steel tools ect 3rd stage of crippling happens 80 and onwards they will need a walker to move can be made with 2 walking sticks and long shaft they will move 90 percent slower and will only be able to pick up berries and food basically they are useless and need to be taken care of

Lost limbs
Lost limbs cannot be caused at birth but as a result from bear bore or snake attacks players if they use an axe can cut off the limb to save the player from injury but at a cost a lost leg will decrease the movement speed by 50 percent for each leg arms will prevent player from crafting if both arms are gone player won’t be able to pick up anything prosthetic limbs can be made though by a tied long shaft and some stakes and can be applied as clothing and cannot be removed these simi reverse the effects prosthetic arms means you have to wait an additional 5 seconds to craft if both arms are amputated then it’s a 5 second wait to pick up and a 10 second wait to craft with legs one prosthetic leg will restore movement speed to 90 percent 2 prosthetic legs would restore movement speed to 60 percent

That’s all hope you like my ideas