Lifespan suggestions

Ok so I was thinking depending on hunger in your life or yellow fevers how much u run or how far you push your character depends if you die at 60 or die 10 20 30 or even 40 years later depending on the life you lived and some chance mixed together now I know ur gonna say it’s against the propose of the game but it would make life’s more different and diverse therefore making the overall gameplay more unique and interesting I would also like a story to your life and what you’ve accomplished after you die and what made you lead up to your death and a bit of your family may influence how you live for example a lot of people in your family don’t live that long but still pass it on that will effect you if ur past gen 4 or if you live a healthy lifestyle always keeping hunger up no yellow fever and or cuts and good warmth you may live to 95 or 100 depending on some luck it would really make villages more productive and it would be more of a challenge to beat the game as in live to max age also encouraging people to play it more to find that prefect balance

I would prefer you ask people to role play with you . The only power you have in game is by not dying of hunger or animal attack. If every single small mistakes like getting stung by mosquitoes or not eating full or staying in warm place takes toll on your life , every one of us will be confused with our lifespans. Eve can have many dying children at first because of the lack of food . If eve and other children have shorter lifespans because of it , don’t you think no village can survive . Please reconsider and rethink your idea . Thank you .

I mean it would effect you from 50 and up

Let me explain ever since you are born you have a number of years when u start this number is 100 it cannot get any higher than 100 and what you do depends on how long you live except the minimum death age for old age is 50 in this case and everything you do in your life impacts on it

Reaching full hunger three times will give you an extra year

Getting yellow fevers will take away 5 years

Getting bitten shot or stabbed and recovering will take 20 years

Being extremely hot will take away 1 year every 20 seconds

Cloths grant 5 years each

and a kid being fed by you in any way grants half a year

Being hungry will take one year every minute

Being starving will take to years every minute

Also chance can plus or minus up to 10 years if your max is currently at 50 and loose years than nothing happens if your max is currently at 100 and gain years nothing happens

All throughout out your life you will impact on your max age you will die when your current age and your max age meet

So worst case you die at 40 best case you live til 110 I hope this helped

Also because it sounds to easy to maintain full years there is a backfire to it if you get a plus 1-10 times it will backfire on you as in minus years