Lilith rose

I think it’s ironic how I got yelled at for something I use to yell at people for, but I had planted and watered two rows of carrots to put in storage and this girl comes up and starts yelling at me. Saying why the ■■■■ would I do that and it’ll create seeds or whatever blah blah. I said I’m putting them in storage and then she banned me and told me I should have made storage first. Anyway speed up time and I didn’t get to put the carrots in storage people were hungry and ate them I think? And the other patch seeded. She was mad and said now we had no food. So I just planted a bunch of corn. It doesn’t despawn and u can eat it dry or not. So I guess if u see a girl named Lilith rose just plant a bunch of corn instead of carrots bc she got off my case after that