Limited iron?

I have been playing in the second server because it has more iron lol
Whenever i am born as an eve or in small town in the first server, we struggle to find iron thought it was normal until i played in the second server and started finding too much iron
But sadly no one plays in the second server so my town usually ends when i die


Maybe its because the irons in the first server had been picked by people and even if it respawns, it quickly get picked up again.

Everytime Im in the first server I would just spend my whole life searching for irons and im lucky if I get more than three!


This might sound a little crazy but you only need 5 iron to get unlimited iron.

You make a smithing hammer, axe, adze, chisel, and file… recycle the chisel to make a bow saw, use the axe and adze to exhaustion, and recycle to make a froe.

Now you can make Stanchion Kits for mining ore deposits. Once the bow saw and froe are broken, recycle to make the pickaxe.

You should have lots of boards and rounds from depleting your Froe and Bow Saw, so use the iron from the ore deposit to make blade blanks for track and cart kits, a knife for ember carriers (explosives) and you can start cave mining.

Now obviously this isn’t going to happen in one life unless you have help from at least a couple experienced players with you that you can chat with in real-time and coordinate together. More likely you need to set a lily marker and come back to the same spot a couple times to get it done.


Exactly, this is why i sometimes prefer to play in the second server, especially if i want to learn to make things

Okay this sounds AMAZING ! A lot of what you just said i am learning to make
Still not a pro but will definitely try to do that.
Thanks for the tips

sometimes i tried to get in one life from zero to a horse with saddle. but most times i died afterwards of old age, when i finished the horsey. its not easy to speed run this game :relaxed: but a challenge worth trying.

you need iron for:
1 hammer (smithing)
1 adze (fence kit)
1 shovel (fence)
1 chisel (file)
1 file (knife)
1 knife (saddle)

you need milkweed for:
bow and arrow (muflon)
rope (sheep)
lasso (horse)
needle and thread (saddle)

and a second life to run wild with the horse :wink:


I like the zero to horse idea, I’m going to have to add that to my list of challenge runs :sweat_smile:

I did zero to Cave Mine today in 6 lives only lifting 5 ore off the ground just to prove the concept to myself. Could have been a lot faster if I had prioritized sheep and horse immediately after mining iron from the ore deposit. I think with some luck I could do it in 4 lives. Maybe even 3 lives if I removed the 5 ore off the ground restriction.

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