Live chat or Profiles

It would be nice if we had either a live chat or just profiles where you can see who is online and invite to play on rented server. Otherwise it’s quite hard finding 10 players to give invite code to unless you chat to someone in game or something. I been wanting to play with serious advance players. So we can create everything we need and build from bottom up quickly. Good idea or nope? My last idea was a translator for the game so everyone can understand each other and play together. I rented solo server but I have not rented group yet. So I assuming it would be hard to find ppl without forums. That’s why I’m on here. Anybody wanna play with me comment because I’m saving everyone and I give invite code to play when I rent one.


What about the official YAH Discord?

That’d be great! I just hope that there’s a translation API out there that is capable of doing that.


I’ma rent anyway and see how it works. So I can work on finding players. I like playing by myself to but mainly I do that to learn everything. Im still trying to find iron ore. Other day I asked where steel ingots lol that’s what I was talking about. I don’t find on my build list for like backpack or shirt but I can make everything I can see on my list if I have the right tools.

There’s many players looking to play together on friends servers on discord