Living past 60 enabling permanent marker

Hi @Christoffer, Hi everyone, I would like to suggest that dying of old age enables you to get reborn at your permanent marker. I just find it very frustrating, when I am the only one in our town, and there is no one who could bury my bones… All I wanna do is go back to work!
; )
What do you think?


dying of old age and get an advantage was in game for so long, that im used to it. it’s kinda weird you have no benefit anymore when getting 60 years old. it was like a reward :slight_smile: yes i accomplished that again.

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Actually dying at 60 really DO makes you born in your marker. But there’s a catch, if the server has a fertile mother, you will born as their kids instead.

I thought so too… But now it has happened to me twice that I died from old age and didn’t return to my permanent marker.
I’m confused… So did I maybe do something wrong? I didn’t change my permanent marker but I did ring the belltower, could that be the problem? That by ringing the belltower I disabled my permanent marker?
Also I was the only player on the Server too… so no fertile mother. I was born as an Eve somewhere far from my home.

the bell tower shouldn’t intervene with other markers.

how many people were online as you tried to respawn? if there are lots of people online it won’t work to respawn by becoming 60 years old.

On the server was no other player…

Here’s what I know. If we die 60 but reborn as baby, and decided to die, the 60 is cancel out. So we need to die 60 again.

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I lived past 60 on the server where my hometown is and it worked…! I’m back home!! :blush:
So I do have to admit that probably I did something wrong last time :sweat_smile: Sorry about that guys and thank you for your help!

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