Living unconsciously

I had a life some time ago on a marvellous city where everyone was clothed, food was plenty, and there were like 35 buildings (no joke!). I was the daughter of the nurse, but she was afk. I also noticed she was on a perfect temp spot. I decided to run out of the small clinic, telling myself that if I died here I would go nuts. Thank god my aunt was there… the crown princess herself. She named me Rosegold and took me to the castle. It was the biggest building in the city. The walls were made of stone and the floors of “the finest wood”. At least that’s what my aunt said. My aunt then proceeded to take me to what was once my mother’s room. The Royal princess. She dropped me on the bear rugs, but I was curious about why my biological mother left a life of luxury and power to become a humble nurse, attending the peasants. My mommy (I’ll call my aunt that from now on) told me that my biological mom didn’t want that kind of life, but rather a peaceful one. I understood. When I grew hair, my mommy took me to the dressing room. There were all sorts of clothes, from rags to riches. I wanted the best clothes (ofc I was greedy). My mommy dressed me with red wool clothes, 2 fruit boots and a backpack. " look at you" my mommy said. I noticed that I looked like a spoiled baby, but idc. (greedy baby) Then a man , who was dressed with red clothes like mine and a crown, said “hurry up Olivia, your mother is dying”. My mommy looked sad and surprised at the same time. They ran together down the hall, to the throne room. Just before they got out of my view, my mom shouted " explore". So that’s what I did.

Just that my biological mom didn’t move, could feed her. Then I went out of the app when I was around 55 to do some business. When I came back, it didn’t say that I died. The app was showing me the family tree. I searched myself and there I was; it said I was still alive. I think that’s what happened to my biological mom. It’s very weird. It’s like your character is living unconsciously.

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She didn’t try to.