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I was playing on milkweed was born and died multiple times in a small town between a desert and a prairie. With almost no food to speak of and no farm. Yet we already had steel tools. The closest acceptable green area was about 40 tiles north. So after my 4th time being born there (this time as an eve) I went straight north. The place was covered in berry bushes and onions. At the very southwestern corner was a swamp with 20+ duck ponds right there in a clearing. The milkweed gods have smiled upon me this day. I set my home marker and built a kiln. I was collecting milkweed when my first child was born. A girl. Excellent. I went to a small patch of desert to start a nursery. My hope was that if I let everyone live a couple would get the place going. I spent over 20 years carring for no less than 3 children at any given time. Sometimes as many as 7. From my perspective it looked like we were doing great. I was feeding my children and my grandchildren. Trees around me were being cut down. Iron age already, I thought, that was fast. But I think someone just brought an axe from the desert town. When I was 37 I went looking for food with 5 children waiting. I looked everywhere there was no food, no farm set up and they hadn’t even baked the plates and bowls. I died in the middle of what could have been an epic town. I was reborn in the desert town. It still seemed to be alive despite there being only 2 empty berry bushes and 3 rows of carrots that disappeared in seconds. I searched far and wide but there was still no food. I went back north to my town to find no one alive. So I gave up. I found a tree and exited the app.

If you were named: Sky, Star, Topaz, Jade, Ruby, Carrot, Berry, Diamond, Omega. I was your mother.

When selecting a location for your town always make sure you have enough wild food(at least 15+ berry bushes anything else is extra) and plenty of water(at least 5 ponds) as well as plenty of trees with branches. If you don’t have all of these things find a better spot, because you might settle for a horrible location simply because you had a child. When in reality there could be the promised land just a little bit farther.

When starting always have the farm going before setting up the forge. Even though you are able to get food doesn’t mean your children can. The berry farm was originally a place to drop off 3 year olds so they wouldn’t starve. If you can’t produce food, it doesn’t matter how advanced you are, you will all starve.


I once did an Eve run. I found the best spot at age 59. If you can’t find the perfect place, don’t keep looking, just go to a previous place that was acceptable. You don’t wanna waste 1 hour running…

I’m mostly with @LavishFox on this one. Fifteen or more berry bushes is manna from Jason and rare though. A lot of wild food is nice. I’ve been born into really crappy camps more than I can count. Moms telling me “go farm” at three when soil is nowhere nearby and I’m likely to starve before getting there through desert or prairie. There’s utopia and pretty good if you want your lineage to survive. “Good enough” or “meh, this’ll do” just doesn’t cut it.

Eves should, when there’s plenty of other food about, leave the berry bushes alone dammit! Eat the big wild food. The burdock and onion and carrots if nearby. Leave the berries for planting and the babies.



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