I was watching a YouTube video and the village had lockers for players made from stone walls and wooden doors with locks. Has anyone seen this? It would be easier than finding a good hiding spot for pack, clothes etc! The only problem is where to put the key!

Hide it behind a tree.

Its not that hard to make one of those. The problem is griefers and players who… Dont care if you consider something yours or not.

Im assuming your talking about twisteds episode where he traveld to the bell tower looking for his mom from another life. Well if not then in that episode his parent was actually getting messed with by what i assume was a greifer trying to get the knives he had locked up. Eventually leading him to be killed.

Tbh buildings arnt really worth it in the game because of griefers adding locked doors to them and even if you built your self a house and locked it yourself people will quickly get jealous of your house and stuff.

You’ll have players acuse you of stealling.
They will call you a griefer and try to get people to banish you so they can have your key. Lock you inside pens and let you starve. Or even kill you themselves.

Btw its far easier just to make a box and lock it than to make a whole tiny room just to store stuff in.

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Ever since the temperature update, they’ve been necessary.

Maybe on the pc. But in yah its still trivial to survive and control your temperature with or without clothes as long as you can remember where food sources are and even more so if you put on some clothes. You dont need much clothes to massivly affect how much food you need either. A animal skin and a reed skirt in my opinion are enough to take off the pressure.
You can get a seal skin and a reed skirt as an eve before you even set up camp. And theres an abundance of choices for clothes if your town has sheep just takes about ten minutes of work. To make a full set of clothes.

Of course a house could eleaviate some of the temprature issues but as it is now its not worth it in my opinion. Most houses are to large and not all the walls are counted because of it. Or theyre to small and wont provide enough insulation.

Also ive noticed that a buildings insulation effects your temprature far more slowly than it should. By the time your body reaches the rooms set temp you would probaly be leaving the building to do something else.
In my opinion buildings are only good for a small nursery (which will probably get locked and kill half of the towns population) or for personal storage. Also massive buildings for shrines and such or to show off as a solo player.

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