Looking for players that speak Chinese / 尋找中文玩家

I’m starting a LINE group for players that are Taiwanese and other Chinese speakers, we can play one the Singapore server together when we have time. We will be using Traditional Chinese, but we also understand simplified Chinese. Please private message me your LINE ID if you wish to join.

我要開一個賴群組,邀請台灣玩家及說中文的玩家加入! 我們有空時可以一起在新加坡伺服器玩。聊天主要使用的是繁體中文,不過簡體中文也看得懂。要加入請私訊我你的賴ID。

You are welcomed to join for practicing Chinese too, but you need to have LINE.

如果要來練中文也歡迎加入, 但請先申請賴帳號。

Well that was awkward to write in two languages without mixing up the grammar lol.


:joy: you sure here got Chinese huh?你真的觉得有华人用this website 吗?我的华語TT… 我要哭了。My Chinese is getting worse and worse after coming to japan. I want to cry.



Well. I don’t speak ether of them, but if Im ever your baby, please take care of me. Thanks

Good luck with you project.

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Thanks. If you don’t act weird we won’t abandon you. Just be a cute baby and answer yes or no questions you will be fine. We will speak English in game, or try to lol. Chinese is for voice chat or group chat.

If it’s a friend / group only run I’ll tell every baby sorry. But for now I’m not interested in doing that, it’s fun to have a few random people.

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This group is made for my friend, I’m just trying to give her a surprise. Because this is something she really wants to happen . Hopefully she won’t see this post before I invite her lol.

Come one … it is just us . Maybe there is Chinese, but I don’t see them. Come on … come one … Who is chinese or know chinese, please reply…

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Lol. Ok.

One pint do: What it makes this game so suscefull in pc is that they only have 3 servers, and everyone is mixed up. That is how the get so advance in technology. If you ever whant to play this game in its full potencial, I recommend you to try the original OHOL PC game, you will be impressed by the cities and the organization that we have. Just one advice: Almost everyone in there is arm, so don’t get scared.

The Japanese server is nearly 1/3 full at midnight time and full during the time when everyone is free. Can I ask how many of them are in computer server when full? And what is the difference in experience…

I already plan on doing so. I did enjoy the cities in the Japanese servers, just got bored and needed to find some excitement of survival.

And that’s the excitement I’m talking about lol. That doesn’t scare me, I’m good at spotting knives and weirdos by now.

Yeah, take care of me too!

Yes. I agree with you. It’s hard enough with those korean and i don’t want there’s another one coming up.

Yea right. It’s getting harder and harder to play in a city when people keep killing the new players that they don’t speak the same language.

Even my self, I speak Spanish, and Im always in the US server. I also live in USA… lol

My friend is more likely to starve a Korean than an English speaker lol. I’ll starve anyone that acts weird. Just act cute, stay on the fire or do what I tell you and you will be fine. Don’t worry.

The last time we played together we saved two or three starving babies. While their mother acted like they didn’t even exist. Only after getting cursed by an observer and thinking it might be a baby she starved before, she did pick up the last baby and put her at the fire for other people to feed. She was the only female that could breast feed in the village. I really hope she doesn’t have kids in real life. More people joining us will mean less starving babies, we are like the secret protectors of the village.

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我會說中文啦,只是一直沒有看到中文的留言,所以都只能默默的一個人玩。不過昨天我在EU2就遇到兩個會說中文的玩家,希時間的造也希望能跟大家一起玩 :blush:

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@waiwai 妳有Line帳號嗎?我群組已經創好了。加上我會有三個人,不過第三位我還沒邀,我想多拉幾個人給她驚喜。

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i can speak chinese, but i hope you guys dont alienate english speaking players on the singapore server. it is an english server after all. i’m so tired of all the racist crap that happens in the singapore server. Haven’t played in a long while because of it