Looking for the home we never found :(

I was born as a girl to an Eve named June Flowers. I had a 3 year old brother named Damon Flowers and I was Lily Flowers. We were in a jungle. My mom talked to me but starved when I was 2, so my brother fed me. We took the two baskets our mom had and got going, carrying bananas. We searched until we got to a jungle and I got bit by a mosquito. I went to get closer to him and I got bit again. We were almost out. He tried to get a banana but got bit twice. We stood there until we starved. My last words were “please I’m scared I don’t wanna die” and his were “it’s ok sis you’re ok” :frowning: if he’s on forum I’d love to reconnect… he was so sweet and I hope we can play together again.


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