Lost Connection

Recently, maybe last few days or so, I’ve been experiencing “lost connection” and of course starve to death. Can’t pick up items, drop them, eat…then I see a quick fast forward with everyone running around (possibly what I missed while disconnected). I try to restart the app, doesn’t work. Anyone else have this issue?

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Ya this happens to me too. Do you exit the app when you do that? Before the update of “even if you leave you can come back” that happened. The game shows you a “movie” of what happened while you were afk.

Yes, I exit and go back, but it’s still the same. Either still not able to pick up items or it will take 10 tries and major lagging/waiting. By then I’m low on food bar and about to croak.

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Also, sometimes it will say “account conflict” and while roaming the land I will see white scribbles where land should be. Can someone please fix this? My device is up to date, current app version etc. Would like to continue to play, but can’t play with this issue. :sob:

Idk, that’s an extremely weird glitch. Maybe you should report it to the creator. :slight_smile:

I have this issue. It happens when my phone switches between wifi and my mobile 4g network. I’ve had to wait up to 10 minutes for my character to die because someone was feeding me. I could see I was still alive in the family tree but when I tried to rejoin I got the account conflict message. As far as the map not rendering, same problem. It has to do with your internet connection.

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Which version are you guys on? There was a problem of reconnecting to the same life if you switched networks (for example from WiFi to 4G), but we worked around that in version 1.6.0.

I am using the updated version 1.6

And have you seen no improvement to the reconnect since you upgraded?

Since I have never been able to reconnect I have worked around this issue by turning off my wifi and staying on the 4g network until the end of the game. I was about to try to test it out to verify whether it has changed but the server is down for maintenance.

I only started experiencing the issue for less than a week now. Prior to that, perfect. I am on the lasted app version, and my WiFi is signal is strong at the locations I’m at while using the app. I’ll try to get off the WiFi and see what happens.

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What I usually do to play the game with no delay is always without wifi. For some weird reason my wifi has always been bad for certain games and creates delay between actions. Right now I haven’t experienced any change since the update.

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Yes, I tried it again with no WiFi and had no issues with it. Thank you! Good thing I have unlimited data. :joy:

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