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Im in IOS: the game have an issue: if your screen turn off, or you get out of the app for a second, your game will be lost and says “ Lost connection with the server”.

This isue dont get to annoying until you are a baby and have to keep pressing the screen to prevent the phone to go to sleep. I fixed this problem by increasing my standby delay to 5 minites. I haven’t been able to fix the lost connection problem when I get out of the app to answer a quick minute call.

Clash Royale have the option that reload the game and put you right into the fight that you were on before you left the app. I think with some code twicks this problem can be fixed.

Sylar Uchiha

If you exit out of a lot of games you’ll be disconnected or loose, and isn’t there an option just to not have your phone turn off at all after awhile of no activity?

I usually put it on 5 minutes outo lock when im playing, to prevent the screen going off ■■■ a baby. But the problem still the if I leve the app for a few seconds.

I get the same problem anytime my phone does anything.

A phone call (which I hang up on) or even a text message seems to kill my game.

Doesn’t matter if I’m playing with wifi or 4G

Game basically keeps running and I can move but I can’t perform any actions and my food doesn’t go down so essentially freezes. Exit and re enter and will either say I died from starvation or connection problems.

Needs to be more stable - because after 15mims of hard work getting to a good starting position being ruined by something you have no control over sucks!!!

I feel your pain. It brakes my heart every time.

Yeah it is almost game breaking…

That without including that the mecanics of the game are intended to be played with a stylus. I always have my finger infront of the my face. And i run with problems of precising droping stuff in one expesific tile.

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