Loving Mother

Here is my first fanart. I painted it on my phone. :sweat_smile:
It shows the love of a mother (Eve) to her child. She gave her the fur to keep her warm and comfy, she made a fire and got food. The both enjoying the time together and the girl leans next to her mom hugging her. :heart:

I hope you like it. :heart:


“Thank you mom”, she whispered. Her body felt more comfortable now and she stopped to shiver. The sheep fur which her mother gave her felt so warm and soft. She stroke over the fur and enjoyed this warm and comfortable feeling. The night was cold but the burning fire on the ground was very warm and spent some light. Her mom looked at her with her green eyes, she smiled. Even when she was freezing, she wouldn’t show it to her little daughter. She was exhausted from collecting all the berries and gathering carrots, she also went trough the forest to collect wood for the fire. All she wanted was to make it comfortable for her child. Seeing her smiling while she was eating the sweet carrot, she knew it was worth it. She would always do everything what’s needed to do to make her happy. "It’s okay, my dear. Come eat up, then go to sleep. I will watch over you. Tomorrow will be a hard day. " Every day in the wilderness is hard… She thought. Her daughter gave her a warm hug. “Thank you mom, I love you!” Her voice sounded very tired. She then leaned her head on her mothers back and closed her eyes while she fell into a deep deep sleep. “Good night my love, I love you too.” her mother whispered with a sweet voice, then she stroke trough her daughters soft red hair and watched the fire. “Tomorrow we will find a Home.”…

Sorry had to reupload. The pic was wrong with scetch lines. :joy::joy::joy: