Loving the EU2 Eve Spawn

Just gotta say that since the eve spawns have been in close proximity, I have been enjoying the game way more than ever before. I usualy dont have that much spare time play yah and this has been a god send for me. Before I found a group to play with, I would just spawn and start off making fire tools and slowly make the start of a town that would just get forgotten and lost. That great to get some practice but as your skills increase you need to cordinate with a group to even attempt to try the more advanced tech. It was fun but to be honest, running after a bell tower for an hour plus is very difficult for some one that can occasionally hop on to play a quick game. There were times I would wait with the other players just to see when there was only three players in the server just to lessen the risk of losing an eve spawn.

Ever since the change, the game has been fantastic for me. I can hop on at any time and not worry about losing my eve spawn because I remember the route back to the town I’m in. For more casual gamers this is incredible. I dont mind the learning curve at all but losing my progress because I wasn’t meta gaming the server rules felt like such a burden. I had a great couple of days playing since the reset and find this sytem very enjoyable. This may be something to consider for reaching and holding more casual gamers while allowing more hardcore gamers to finally finish the diesel engine because they are able to find the site again.

Just wanted to let you know this system really great for me and I’m sure there are many that think the same.

Good job on the game and keep up the great work!


Me personally like the play the game in Its “original” content so i hope they fix it pretty quick because we get used to a different kind of gameplay and adjust to it.
Changes are good but this is a bug that makes the game way to easy, its a survival game so i would like to keep all in-game challenges.
Also we can call ourselfes lucky because nobody has build a wall around the eve spawn yet, so they can block of an entire server…

Maybe it would be great if we have one “international” server with this method implemented for the players that enjoy spawning in the same place everytime.

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I agree with you!

I think you’re 100% right on griefability on a single spawn point. Not sure if it would take occational moderation and “clean up” with dev tools or maybe spawning perimeters that detect if an eve is spawning in an enclosed area. The ironic part of having an international server with this single spawn area would not make as much as an impact because number of players would mean you get born into an advanced civilization pretty frequently. This type of spawning system seems to work best on a server with a low head count.

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