Low populate server, solo player and the new birth control problem

Maybe you already know what happened on low populate server. But I wanted to tell you my problem I experienced.

I live in southeast Asia so the perfect server for me obviously Singapore server. There I have never experiencing any lagging (except from my own connection problem). The second best server for me is US beginner and some of Japanese and korean server, but these foreign server sometimes too heavy when it was crowded and also a language problem. For US beginner I have to meet inexperienced player quite a lot. I tried US 1 server and I don’t know why it’s heavier than beginner server so I don’t play there either. And the worst server for me is Europe server, the lagging I experienced there is unbearable.

I also tried the no children server, but the lagging is the same as US 1, so I don’t play there too. I haven’t tried the Japanese no children server.

Now, the problem in Singapore server is that it’s very low populate server. Maybe you thought it’s good because I can play solo there. Yes, I think of that myself but it’s not. There’s already some solo player there, and they didn’t even try to stay when they’re reborn as my kids. And what happened when we got no children? The line didn’t continue and I have to start from the start again if I try to play there again.

Yes the new rebirth system can help and it has been proven by those solo player. But they already have their home and already multiple times born there. As for me, it’s hard (possible but hard) to set my own town.

  1. I have no children to burry me.
  2. I spawned in different area. The change to find my bones is low.
  3. Sometimes I born at the same place as before and can burry myself. But somehow when that happens suddenly I got busy in real life so I need to afk and or be killed by my own kids (talking about bad luck). I lost my chance to burry myself 3 times already. And it’s hard to get that chance again.
    4.sometimes when there are already 2 solo player in the server, the chances to find my bones is even more low since either I have to born as their baby and got abandoned, or I have to be a new eve in unknowns places.
  4. When I became a new eve, I don’t want to do anything since I already have rebirth mark so making new home sounds useless to me. All the hard work probably for nothing.
  5. Now the birth control seems to crushed me even more. I use to born as their baby, but now I never born as their baby. And even though there’s new system in rebirth, but what happens when there’s 2 fertile women on the server? I have low chances to born in the same place even though I lived for 60 years. (I admit i didn’t fully understand how the new rebirth system works).

Conclusion, Low populate server stay low populated, and the solo player seems to rule the server. I enjoy playing in US beginner but because it’s “beginner” we can’t truly advance further. I want to experience the best village I could live but that just seems impossible. I’m sorry for whining this much, maybe I just didn’t know how to took advantage of the new rebirth system. But I feel like you need to know and maybe some of those solo player are also here so they could read what happens to me and know my pain.


solo player should eat anti baby pill or bury the bones of starved babies. its annoying to loose your respawn because of solo player. you end up getting a time penalty for dying as baby and you cant do anything about it.

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I play in the Singapore server too, and face the same trouble with you. so I suggest @Christoffer that the tumb can be used again and again so we can burry us by ourselves. I hope he can agree with my suggests, and the trouble can be solved.

I figured out how the new birth system works. Ow I can play in the same spot in low populate server now.

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