I’m Penelope van Evenstein, the Eve of Schloss Evenstein, the Castle with two bell towers you visited, about 15 minutes from your place! I was observing your conversation with my granddaughter Evonca - but as the Eve I would really love to connect!!

So if you know Lucy or happen to be her or to be born at one of her places like Stars, Hollow, the Shire or Central Perk: Please tell her to build south! Theres another town faaar (like 25 minutes by horse) west from me, but we wanted to connect (Eve’s name was Eve Chrisel) so i’m starting to build west and you could build south until u hit that road!

Thank you for complimenting my place btw, i was only able to build it that way bc i was playing solo for months, but since i started a new job irl i don’t have the time to take care of it properly, so id love to see more ppl there.

Luv :heart: P.v.E.

//edit: got east and west mixed up

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Hi @PenelopeVanEvenstein,

I’m chrisel from the 21 minutes west town (aka pinewoods) :slight_smile:
I started building east and dropped a message for any new player to help, however we didn’t get too far yet :smiley:
I also had a chance to be born as your kid! You have an amazing place <3 and I saw that you stood to your word building a road west - I also tried to add a bit to it when I was in your town. There is a town between us with a bell and a cross in the middle: I once found it myself, and also watched some of my kids going there.


Hiii @Chrisel ! TYSM!

Yeah i followed a bell from like more than 30 minutes by horse south east from you and the bell turmed out to come from Pinewood :slight_smile: I came as Santa and brought gifts lol. And i was amazed how your place has evolved too!

Sadly I dont have the time to play that often anymore but finally someone made a Lily Marker at Schloss Evenstein and is working really hard. So maybe we can still manage to connect.

I was born into the Shire too once. It would be awesome if we could build a network of roads. But i guess we’ll need cars for those distances. Do u have one?

Luv :heart: Penelope

Hi Penelope,
Not yet, it’s on my list but there are some other things I want to do first x)
But I am sure once we are close to the shire, people will jump on the idea! After all, it’s 10 minutes away from both of us :slight_smile:

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Hi Penelope,
I had a car, now it’s in your tool shed.
It took 8 refills to get to your place, and I didn’t have enough oil to get back home. So I left it there for now. Once you can produce oil (I started making the pipe while I was there), would you mind driving it back to my place? :smiley:

@IgoEast I still have your car in my place, waiting for your bell to ring :smiley:

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Little update: we both (waffle town and pinewoods) have radios now on high frequency.
I am also planning to build the other frequencies, but for now we have high frequency ones :slight_smile:


What does a radio do? Can you actually communicate through it?

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There are three frequencies. If you speak into I.e. low frequency transmitter, every low frequency receiver on the server will show that message.
Just make sure you build am radio, not the morse code gap thing. I made that mistake first hahahah


Wow, very cool!!!

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