Magic palm kernel turning into raspberry, a bug?

I got raspberry out of the crock with palm kernels when I clicked on it, and the original bowls of palm kernels in it disappeared.

We are also working on a feature which can turn lead into gold. :grin:

No, seriously, this is a bug and it will be fixed with the next update.


Oooh alchemy would be a cool feature lmfao. I wonder which kind of alchemy yall would add if yall did lol. Would it be the witches cauldron kind or the more scientific kind with beakers.

It would be cool to be able to turn lead/coper/iron into gold or other precious recources :joy:
uses advanced alchemy to make tons of red and blue paints lol

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Even if we can’t turn lead into gold, maybe we can find out how to do the next best thing?

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