Make a portable radio

I wonder it its possible to make the radios portable. Not the basic ones we have now but handheld ones that can go in a back pack or a basket thinking but it would have to be held in hand to send messages.

It be cool for gathers or hunters lol.


That seems way too advanced for the time we’re currently in.

Its actually not as advanced as most people think. The only technical limitation would be the battery type. since the only baterries in the game are the original liquid type theyre not good for portable items. But other than that when the backpack type walkie talkie that you see in old war movies and such was invented in 1937 and the handheld handy-talkie version was 1940.

I beleive all the mechanical parts that would be needed for at least the back pack version are already in the game exept the dry cell batteries but since they were invented in 1887 so its not to far fetched for us to have them or a fantasy alternative.