Make it easier to make paint

If paint was easier to make people would color more walls. Or atleast make one paint color that would be easy to make


Or make paint brush , then you can paint 4 at one time with one bucket .



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maybe we could make brushes from animal fur as it is still practice today. there are actually 3 animals in game which could be there for fur. bear, boar or cow. not quite what we use today for brushes but it should work.

i think bear would be interesting to use its fur for a brush, because we have no boar or cow hide for now.


i think 4 uses for paint sounds fair. so if you want to color 4 edges you use one bucket of paint.


@Candylim940802 ive tried how it would look like when we would combine bear fur with those two wooden things. 1st one does look more like a brush in my opinion.


I would like the second one better because it look woody but I will choose the first one if it is a bit shorter. Remember the tool they use kindling to make soft cream. I think brush can use that as reference.


why not using ball of thread from sheep and sewing it onto short shaft?


and yea i agree it should be easier to make paint, and i think the system would be able to support that because we can already make infinite rubber bottle toppers from a bucket or it can just be like bucket of water where u can use take ~10 bowls of water but instead with paint

maybe you could make one bucket of paint and mix it into 4 other buckets and shake it well, with a lid on it.