Make the game price a bit less

Make the game MYR 15 plssssssssssss because that’s all I have

I think his idea is good because people aren’t gonna spend as much money in a mobile as pc

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The PC price is 20 USD, the price for mobile is significantly lower than that. On top of that, it costs money to maintain the server, maintain the app, translate it. Although if they really want to know the best price, a market analysis is probably a good idea.


There is a balance between high enough price to make money but won’t put too many people off buying, or being too cheap and not making enough for maintenance costs but having more sales due to accessibility

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I paid 4.99$ USD .well worth it.


Don’t worry about the price. Everything with the number 9 on it makes people wanna buy it

so much fun for 5€ =) ! money well spent