Makes no sense

Ok I don’t know where this dumb a^*ss box pen idea is coming from but please end it. It waste a sh^t load of materials and it’s so griefable. Literally argued with two different families bc of their weird obsession with friggin boxes. One stick is all it takes to let the animals out. You can turn all the boxes into carts. Like it’s just an idiotic concept.

Very true that it is easy to grief. But maybe not idiotic. It depends on how public your town is/how many resources you have. On a private server, a box pen would be fine it you wanted to spend the wood and rope… maybe even in a very quiet area of a public one. It really depends on what the residents think is most important…convenience or being grief-proof.

But yeah, I am not a fan of the all-box pen.

Having boxes as a part of your pens is really useful for caring for sheep, especially shearing. Having to run in and out the corners of the pen every time you want to grab some wool is so time consuming. It makes me wanna just give up. It’s an hundred times easier to stuff them all in a box and easily grab he from the other side as you work.

I know the pros but the cons out way it so much . Literally all it takes is a stick to a box to make it a cart and the animals are loose. I don’t think that’s worth storage

That’s definitely a problem playing on public servers because you have to build to resist potential greifing, even accidental with new players. But on private servers it’s never been an issue for me.

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