Making a cart with wheels

Hey guys just wanted to let you know if anyone is interested I’m trying to make the first cart (I only supposed it’s not made yet)
I’m half way through the smithing part on the beta server in a town where I made a mess trying to make everything myself I usually spawn near it if u just look around I’m sure youll find it
Well the thing is if any of you want to continue my work please !! I’m so tired of trying to do it on my own and everyone steals my stuff :((
So if you find a small town with a farm and a huge smithing area just know you have to build the tools for a cart please ? It’s my dream… well right after making my own sheep pen🙄
And thank you to the ayla family with providing me with food non stop while I do the smithy stuff
Wish I could find smithy smith I once met her on game and I’m sure she’d be helpful lol

I will try to make your dreams true…

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Yay thanks ! Show me if you ever get to it please !

I got to it and even more in 2 lives at USA server.

That cart was made a while ago, it was there when I was playing yesterday

I made 2 carts in the village that I was playing yesterday. Also I had seen carts before, a couple days ago. I gess she haven’t seen them. Thats why I made one and took a picture of them.

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And by the way. Made that cart that you have in that picture, and also the plates in it… lol

Oh smithy is me. I play couple times in beta server and my job was always the smith. I moved to us server since i am in the us time zone. If you want to join me i be happy have your help again. We did well as a team smithy btw


Guys I finally did it after many lives wasted with the smithy stuff I found a place where they had almost everything ready!

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Yes we did! I’ll go on us server to get a chance to smith together
Hope we bump into each other lols

Same over here. We have to set a time to play together.

Haha - yeah that was my kingdom to myself I set up while playing alone and respawning. If you find it go north-north-east for a while and u will find a cart with wheels full of baskets where the rattle snake got me!

(Sg server)


Has anyone made an account car yet? When it happens pleas put it on YouTube and reply with a link​:grin::grinning::smiley::grinning:

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