Making Clay From Dirt/Soil

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After the update of mining and needs, we need to collect more and more clay to make wall/tools/bombs.

I searched some info, I think we can use dirt to solve the problem of clay shortage.

Clay is present in every form of soil, even in sandy soils.

Composition of dirt:
(1) Sand
(2) Clay
(3) Organism

What we need to do is: remove sand and organic matter and collect clay.

Tools we need:


Clay Harvest
(1) Collect the soil
Collect a bucket full of dirt.
(2) Add water to the bucket and Stir the mixture properly
Now we can get a bucket of mud.
Keep mixing until the water and soil get dissolved in each other and creates a fine blend.
image image
(3) Leave the mixture to sit for some minutes
Let the mixture sit for some time to allow the sand, silt, and rock to settle at the bottom of the bucket.
Once those components settle beneath, the clay particles will remain suspended in the water for a long time.
(4) Pour mixture through strainer (Cloth) to another bucket.
The strainer will pick put sand, stone and organism on cloth. They are not clay.
Suspended clay in water pass through the filter in another bucket.

(5)Repeat the process
(6) Let the properly rinsed clay water sit for more time
Set the bucket uncovered in normal air and under room temperature for more than 8 hours to let the water evaporate completely. As a result, the fresh clay will settle on its own.
(7) Remove the excess water from the top of the clay
(8)Add some water if it is too dry

in game, we can make 3 clay by 5 dirt


Have to say this is the best “create clay” suggestion I have seen so far. I will consider it for a future update. Thanks!