Making Gooseberry bush behave like Raspberry / スグリをキイチゴのように変更

I’m not sure if its a good idea to make goose berries seasonal.

I think a better option would be to make all goose berry bushes behave like wild bushes. Where one berry respawns every so often. And you cant get more seeds from the berries without a specialised tool. That way it wont be as easy for players to over populate the bushes but it also wont be devastating for a griefer to steal or block off berry bushes in some way. And so that players could also grow they’re own berry bushes in order to have them for sheep, compost etc.

If you do make them seasonal id suggest setting it so berries are the opposite of the raspberrys so that there’s no time where there’s no food at all for eves and early camps.


Ive got mixed feelings about this one…
Lets say im gonna make a building made out of pine walls, that means a massive milkweed farm.
If i have to wait a certain time for berries, to make compost, i would plant more berriebushes so i have a big harvest at once.
So it kinda means we are back at the start… or even worse because now i only need a litlle 3×3 farm because i can tend it, otherwise everyone would make a bigger berrie farm.

It sounds like the general feeling is that limiting the number by not letting you grow the bushes from seed is a good thing, but making them seasonal might not be.

We can start there and only do this for now?

  • You can’t grow bushes from seeds, but you can dig up and replant bushes.

I worry about griefers tho… since they could simply dig up those or let them die. I personally think the way they are is fine, not perfect but still fine.


I like Mandrake’s idea, but I also worry about griefers digging up berry bushes. How easy will they be to dig up?


I don’t think you need to limit the number of berries.
How to make a village (planting berries) is left to the freedom of the villagers.
Even if you can’t plant from seeds, I think some people will make big berry fields.

If you can’t grow it, I’m wondering if the method of extracting wild berries will change.
I think I will use stakes and shovels now.It may be a little burden for small villages.

It’s the opposite to make it seasonal.
It has a wide range of uses such as soil, sheep’s food, and pies.


its kinda weird how players depend on berries, altho there is so much other tech around. maybe it’s good to change it, but it’s hard to predict how big the influence of berries are. maybe there should be an other way to make compost like @Mandrake suggested here: Compost Boxes.


I feel sceptical about changing berry bushes as well. Though I also feel annoyed by the huge amounts of berry bushes and a lot of ppl eating just berries though there’s a lot different food to eat.

So maybe work on the food system and not on the berry bushes? How about making a „negative yum chain“ - a „meh chain“ for food that you can just pick and eat (berries, raspberries, bananas, cactus fruits, carrots…). So when you eat that food more often, you get less and less food pips from it, until at some point you get none at all (cause if you still get one pip, berry bush farms might just be even more huge). Maybe that encourages ppl to cook (more diverse) and even get an awareness of the yum chain.

Also I think that Eves until maybe generation 3 (?) should be an exception. There should not be a meh chain.

Cause like @scaryWidow I also think there should be a „need“ to upgrade food. Until now ppl just make diverse food cause they want to try new recipes or because (very few player) actually go for a yum chain. And even for this they have to make every food by their own, because (at least what I saw) ppl don’t prepare huge variety in advance. But that should be as natural as building a forge (in my opinion).


So, can you also say why you are skeptical to a change, if you agree with the problem statement (too many bushes)? I’m interested in your reasoning.

If you are interested in changes to Yum, look at this post: Improving Yum for early settlements
There wasn’t very positive feedback, so I put that project on the shelf. (personally, I think it would have improved things though)

i’m not sure, if it would have a positive effect on the game, if berries give less and less food pips. i had a griefer in town, which tried to eat all the berries and bananas. i was glad he wasn’t faster in eating them and he had to wait till he could eat more again. the griefer started to feeding people because he wasn’t fast enough. i think it would be much easier for griefer to destroy the simple food resources, when they give less food pips.

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Does that mean the gooseberries bushes will never go away? Like if a town was left for a long time and so? I think raspberries don’t go away, I have been rebirthed in some towns and backbags were ragged but the bushes aka raspberries were fine.

I think it’s gonna be a bit unpractical if it behaved like raspberries with the idea of not being able to plant from seeds, animals feed on them too and animals are somehow essential. Can’t it just be nerfed? Less pips and faster decay in hunger?

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The goal is not to make people not use the Gooseberrys at all, but to limit the number of bushes. Nerfing them a little will cause players to plant even more bushes and nerfing a lot will cause them to be useless and disappear entirely.

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Most people don’t know how to eat or make easy stews like gruel or broths and it’s sad, I’ve seen people starve once because they didn’t know it’s actually food and the berries weren’t up yet. I think it won’t disappea because like people like sheep and clothes so they will need them for sheep whether they want or not, but it will increase the knowledge of other recipes and the need to discover new foods and work together to get advanced things like honey and so

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Sorry for my late answer. I just refer to the possible changes of bushes not being able to seed from a berry, but have to be dug out, since you already mentioned before that the seasonal changes did not get much good reactions.

I think berry bushes should be „easy“ to dig out and in again, cause specially early camps rely on berries very much. If so, it’s way too easy to use for griefing. Because ppl rely so much on berries, this could be a good target for griefers. But if you make it hard to dig out bushes, it may be too hard for early camps. Especially when you need steel tools (or two ppl, this makes it hard when you play solo).

In my post I meant that at some point ppl won’t be able to eat berries anymore at all, so this scenario you mentioned would even be harder to achieve I think?

Thank you! I actually didn’t see that topic. I will go look into it and when I can add something, I will post my thoughts about the yum chain there.

I don’t think berries would disappear at all when nerfed (a lot). Because you still need them for clothes and soil. And if we would have more variety in food we would need to plant, that soil is needed. Also early towns will always plant berry bushes, cause at this state they are the main source of food.

But like always: predictions are hard to make and I would actually be interested what would happen if you change the bushes. I am curious if the positive effects would be higher than the possibility of griefing.


Will sheep food change? Assuming sheep food can only be made with natural currants, the wool industry and soil preparation will be difficult.

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You may safely assume that there will be other food available for sheep, @kanju . The sheep I talked to in the game lately all think that it’s boring to eat Gooseberries all the time. They want more variety. :grin:


yay more food for sheeps :slight_smile:

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wow! It’s great !!

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Can’t wait for more food for sheep’s :grin:

The diversification of sheep’s food is very nice.
You will also use berries to make the soil, will that change?