Malicious name in Japan (日本における悪意のある名前)

I will live in Japan and use Japanese.
We often given bad names from mothers and relatives.
Some sisters choose such death if they do not want to grow up under such mothers.
Could you censor the naming?
There are exceptions, I think that this problem will be better by censoring the genital name in Japan.

It is part of the name to which I and sisters were attached:
(manko shu/Smell of female genitalia)
(ottono chinpoga hairanai/My husband’s genital does not enter)
(nakadashi sekkusu/Sex in female genitalia)
(shineshineshineshineshineshineshineshi/To die, die, die, die, die…)
(abe wo yurusuna/Don’t forgive Japanese Prime Minister)


I’m sorry this is happening, and I really hope they censor these names, but I nearly snorted coffee out my nose when I read “smell of female genitalia” is an actual name people are using!

I’ve gotta get more creative. I usually just name kids after historical figures, like the Tudors


Hi chiko,

I will make sure to add those into our name filter and make it available in the future release! Thanks for informing us of these improper names.

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A lot of thanks!!
I am glad to receive a reply.
I will report when I given bad names from mothers again.

The name “Smell of female genitalia” is not common in Japan, but I feel sorry if I was rude.
There are strange names in many countries, but I do not care when using them.
There is also a surname that means “toilet” in Japan , a surname “金玉(Golden ball / testicles)”.

I want to give a nice name to children.
The names I often attach are “hope(希望/kibou)” and “future(ミライ/mirai)”.

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I regret, could stock a bad name.
Please add censor the name.

It is part of the name to which I and sisters were attached:
【Female and male device/女性器・男性器の名称】

【Sexual activity/性行為】

【Other obscene words/その他卑猥な言葉】
(Morning male device stand up/asadachi)
(Inexperienced men/doutei)
(Inexperienced women/shojo)
(Sexual disorder/inran)
(Sexual disorder/hentai)
(Obscene sound/bicha bhicha)
(Obscene sound/nurunuru)
(Obscene sound/nurenure)
・babylon stage
(Video of famous mens in Japan)

Thanks for reporting. I’ll add them in.

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Please add censor the name.

It is part of the name to which I and sisters were attached:
【Other obscene words/その他卑猥な言葉】

It is already doing the partial match. The updated language filter is in version 1.3.0 which is not live yet. Please be a bit patient and wait for the update.

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Sorry, to send you a request often.

There is no rule for Japanese to put " "(space) or “=”(equal) between words.
So censorship of obscene words reported in this thread is unfortunately not effective.
Even if there is no space before or after, I want you to adopt partial match check.

NG word: “ちんちん” (meaning:Male device)
・checked:“ちんちん”, “ちんちん ちんちん”

By the way, I think that it is rude to name “うんこ”, “うんち” as a name, but please want to say “うんこ/うんち” (meaning:Sheep Dung) in the conversation.

No worry. I will put this into the wish list and look into it when there is time. Thanks for letting us know!

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It takes a hero to stand up to such treacherous naming!


I regret, could stock a bad name.
Please add censor the name.

It is part of the name to which I and sisters were attached:
(akachan seizou ki/Machine of making baby)
(akachan seizou mashiin/Machine of making baby)
(umu kikai/Machine of making baby)
(hu-zoku jou/A woman who gets money by having sex)
(iranai ko/I don’t need you)
(nozomarete inai ko/I don’t need you)
(tugouno warui tokini umareta ko/You were born in a bad time)
(hanage/Nose hair)



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Said in Japan, “Do not talk about politics, baseball, religion to unfriendly people.”
This topic is “a place where I tell experiences and bad names consulted to management”.
Your writing is out of the spirit of the topic.
Please do it in a few places.




I don’t know what that happens to me today was caused by here but I suspect it. Today, I said “女の子” means “girl” just wanted to tell “you are a girl” however the word had been changed asterisks, then I said “女の子よ”. It showed correctly. I want to say the former in the future version.

Nice to meet you, the administration.
The following words may also cause problems, so please contact us for the examination.

【Inappropriate term】
イエローモンキー(yellow monkey)
賤民 ぜんみん ( Cheonmin)
アスペ、アスペルガー( Asperger syndrome/ AS)
知的障害、 知的障害児(Intellectual disability)
土人←Discrimination term against primitive person
かったい←Insulting term against leprosy patients

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「ガイジ」 身体及び発達、精神、知的障害児の略称

Abbreviation of Intellectual disability